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  • How a Japanese Scientist’s Discovery Could Lead to Space Elevators – Carbon Nanotubes
    The year is 1991, in Japanese physicist Sumio Ijima’s lab. Taking two graphite electrodes, Ijima applies an electric current, sparking a cloud of carbon gas,…
  • Brain and Obesity: an overview
    It’s often discussed by the media and the general public what are the causes of obesity. On one hand, some might say it is caused…
  • The man who intercepted a positrons path
    The incident The hypothetical of what happens when you rear your head inside a particle accelerator became more than an imaginative quest to a certain…
  • How does a quartz clock work?
    What is a quartz clock? At its core, a quartz clock is a device that uses energy from a quartz crystal to display time, regulated…
  • e =
    As stimulating as this constant is to the retention of memory, it holds a special place in fields outside alphabetical membership. Particularly, there’s no arguing…

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  1. Carolina González on e =

    Wooow…mmhhh 3.1416 jeje 🙂

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