Day 4: The Intricacy of Cancerous Genes

Series: 13 days of Oncology: with Kishan Sivakumar

This article describes the complexity of cancer genomic research in oncology, as the field has deep roots in the study of cancer. The field has implications in using foundational medicinal concepts, like investigational medicine. Furthermore, the field incorporates the usage of cellular biology in conducting research.

The field of cancer genomic research has a direct implementation of techniques that derive from foundational medicine. When conducting research regarding the overall genome of an organism, medical professionals have the role of identifying the development of carcinogens and where it originates. Since the genome is a highly complex section of an organism, it requires critical analysis to derive the details of the chemical carcinogen. This step-by-step process to identify the cause of specific problems (for eventual diagnosis) has roots in investigational medicine, and clinical trials further utilize these developments. Using such a skill provides a pathway to the pharmaceutical industry, as identifying the root cause of an issue can be valuable information in developing a medication, treatment, or drug. Furthermore, before using investigational medicine, professionals use pathology, which provides an entry point into direct patient care. Ultimately, the assortment of the concepts used in genomic research displays how versatile the field is and how deep the understanding of a medical professional must be before entering such an environment. Without a keen understanding of these topics, there is a significant possibility that the professional may inadequately conduct the identification of the cancerous gene, which can lead to a chain reaction of significant issues. Studies collect comprehensive data for large-scale clinical trials and the development of drugs. Hence, a lack of complete understanding of the foundation of medicine can cause a delay in the cure of such a fatal disease.

Cancerous genomic research provides direct implications for the broad field of biology through the usage of cellular biology. Through the identification of carcinogens in the genome, there is a direct correlation to the cellular makeup in terms of the nucleus. Furthermore, since cancer has the possibility of being hereditary, there is a significant amount of research necessary in tracing the genotype and phenotype of an affected individual to their pedigree to identify the root cause of the disease. Thus, cellular biology is necessary for cancerous research as it is the foundational knowledge for identifying cancerous genes. Furthermore, carcinogen development directly affects cells as it develops in an organism’s genome. The usage of cellular biology in cancerous research displays the deep foundational roots that the industry has. The knowledge of cellular biology is taught even during introductory biology courses, but medical professionals must expand and delve deeper into this knowledge for utilization. Regardless of the simplicity that this concept may seem, it is vital in many medicinal industries, as almost every disease has implications at the cellular level. Since the concepts of this field are universal, medical professionals can blend multiple industries for diagnoses, such as the oncogenic and pharmaceutical fields.

Cancerous research is a complex and intricate field with implications for the foundations of traditional science. The inquisitive nature of the field has roots in the basis of medicinal concepts, like investigative medicine. Furthermore, the utilization of cellular biology in the field further displays how basic the field may seem. However, regardless of whether or not the main concepts are introductory, it is clear that the field requires increased sophistication and knowledge in such areas.


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Kishan Sivakumar

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