Submission Guidlines

Once you submit your piece, our editors will review your work and provide feedback. We aim to get your piece reviewed within 3-4 days of your submission.

What do you need when submitting an article?

  1. Title (Be concise and specific)
  2.  Tags (Keywords that give an overview of your post, e.g. genes, acid, alcohol)
  3. Content (Paste the content of your article)
  4. Featured image (Only choose one, if you get it from the internet, remeber to cite your picture. Image citation can be placed at the bottom of your articles, using the following format: “Featured image retrived from: https://…..”

What makes a good article?

  1. Start with a hook to engage the readers.
  2. Keep it short and sweet.
  3. Use an eye-catching featured image.


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