Top ideas for developing mobile apps entrepreneurs must consider

An app can be literally worth millions of dollars, provided that the concept behind it is as solid as it can be. However, bringing in an idea worth that much is never easy, especially in a world where saturation for these things is rising. Yet such an idea is a crucial part of app development itself.

In most circumstances, the idea for creating an app comes in when the company/entity has not even started looking for an app development firm for the matter.

But is it really that difficult to get an app idea to a company to get it up and running? The only factor making it difficult is that a lot of ideas at the moment are not just present but turned into reality by others. 

Another reason why entrepreneurs are afraid of going ahead with app ideas is because they are unsure whether or not their app idea will be a success or not. 

Why is it difficult to push app ideas forward? And are there any more associated difficulties?

As difficult as it may sound, mobile app ideas often need to get their feasibility tested before they are taken further for conceptualization, development, quality assurance and launch.

There is another crucial factor worth taking into consideration: An entrepreneur’s creativity is limited by the fact that they spent years learning about a specific business niche and learning about their own business niche too. 

Now let’s suppose that the specific business the entrepreneur wishes to pursue is an old-school idea (a traditional business idea) which is based on a traditional mindset. In such a case, there are chances that such entrepreneurs did not explore the modern business world. They hence are not aware of the technicalities involved.

On an additional basis, what the entrepreneur is trying to tap into is dependent on the business’s nature (like the business of apps). Also, the approach towards looking for and creating an app can be overwhelming to an extent, something which team leads from app development companies in and around both Hamilton and Burlington argue.

What are the top foolproof ideas entrepreneurs should

For the aforementioned reason and for other reasons as well, team leads from different mobile app development firms based in and around key Canadian cities of Edmonton, Halifax, Hamilton, Montreal, Ottawa, Surrey and Toronto have decided to share with us foolproof app ideas that can be further incubated to ensure greater revenue, greater business growth and sustainability.

Whether entrepreneurs are making an Android app, an iOS one or a hybrid one, they have nothing to worry at all because they can take inspiration from the ideas that will be shared, make changes & innovations to them and see they are aligned well with their respective vision.

By the time Entrepreneurs will enter the implementation phase, they will already understand each and everything of the idea they will work on. Thus, creating a robust app is hence inevitable.

Here are the ideas worth checking:

Fitness apps

The global market value of fitness apps has reached above C$ 5 billion this year. These apps encourage users to take care of their help, overcome addictions and problems acting as drivers for poor health. Such apps are more than viable today.

Moreover, in the United States alone last year, 42% of Americans revealed that they used various tools and technologies to measure and track their health. Also, in 2019; almost 69 million American smartphone users in the U.S.A were using at least one app related to either health, fitness or both.

By going with the information present, the idea for health and fitness apps is viable. But there is a catch: each app development firm/entrepreneur wishing to pursue this idea must first carry out product discovery or they will lose in the market.

However, the amount of fitness apps in the market is immense and the app to be made should make a difference via its value proposition, features, user experience, insights, functionality and other relevant factors.

Apps helping users learn new languages

Research reveals that almost 70% of today’s young generation is interested in learning a new language. Keeping this in mind, the market for learning a new language through digital means can grow up to C$ 11.5 billion by 2025.

Hence, by making an app which helps users learn new languages easily, they can stand out in the highly competitive market of learning apps. With the niche being super viable, there is a high demand for such apps.


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